Nova Intia Aestatis (guess where I am)

Did you know Arcola Illinois has an Omish community, that Allerton Park is one of the 7 wonders of Illinois?

Discovery Center in Milwaukee has a working model of the 5 great lakes and an Aquarium where you can pet stingrays?

Madison has Willy Fest where it brings great artists together for a, freedom, street perfomance and great food. Willy Co op

Do you want to see great fireworks; I reccomend Elmhurst. Bed and Breakfast in a castle,yup in Harvard Illinois

Best (quick) Middle Eastern in Chicago is Salam or Rezzas in Oak Brook, problem visit Izalcos in little Village.. Burger in Racine visit Charcoal Grill.

For more Travel pictures and locations see my album ..don’t forget to add me on Facebook

DSCN1520 copyDSCN1518 copyDSCN1438 copyDSCN1621 copy20140705_175302 copyFrozen Yogurt by the HIP mall in Norridge

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