Why professional logo design does not cost $5.00

Why professional logo design does not cost $5.00.

Great article(above). I have been designing for some time now, you can tell from some of the dates on my flyer and cards,currently I am doing more and more small business identity updates and wanted to share.

(tip)Never send more than 2 versions of a design and include the sentence..WHAT DO YOU THINK?

After I put myself in their position for the desing I send out a business card mockup or letterhead so they can see how the design will be implented in their daily business.

Here is a design for a Women’s apparel retailer, they needed a redesign of the old card, the card was nice but it was not modern or clean, more of a mini flyer. I designed it thinking of a modern boutique where the showroom space is white to attract you to the clothing..



Here is a logo/t shirt concept for a park district, I tied in the town colors and updated the tree logo that every park distric uses now. The image is simple and would be easy to implement in brochures and letterheads.

Taken from the website”Surestaff!

Chicagoland’s leader in light industrial staffing
Very professional people, yet the previous card and info seemed outdated, by bringing website elements and logo colors it created a consistency any company should have.

Templates, I always have templates! If you have an event coming up here are a couple of my newest templates, wording can be changed to say whatever you want and the design is done the same day. (restrictions apply)

Here is gallery of some of my old flyers mixed in….at the end

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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