DIY food photograpy light tent..

Sparti’s Gyros – Racine, Wisconsin
5205 Washington Avenue
Racine, WI 53406


Phone: (262) 637-2299

Everyone has seen those great food pictures but they just do not look the same when you take them yourself.It takes hours to prepare food the food artists use everything from paint to dental equipment. Little dentist mirrors to reflect shimmer in the food, makeup sponges to give depth to a salad(put the sponges in then layer a few food ingredients and the salad or sandwich won’t look so flat. The photographer has to setup while they cook the food paint the food and then photo it before it all goes to h###.

  •   I have been making my own light tent so that you get control of the lights and a nice white background. It is simple to make,think cube,  if you want to make one that last longer buy stronger materials but I make one with every application. Things you will need:
    • (5)Foamboard, hobby lobby puts the 20x30in boards on sale for 2 dollars
    • (1)Tape
    • (1) Crecent Board, I prefer black to place the plate of food on
    • (3)brushes, buy the 6 pack for 5dollars
    • (1) small amount of cooking oil, just pour some in a spray bottle from the dollar store
    • (1) spray bottle
    • (1)white shower curtain from the dollar store
    • (1)packet of notecards or construction paper, the more colors the better
    • Plates, napkins cups the restaurant will provide but if you want matts or certain silverware and plates go to target clearance aisle
  • Things I already have that you will also need are vellum paper, lights of course lights either strobes or hotlights whatever you can aim inside and out of the box..exacto to cut the openings and tripod.

I taped the faomboard together to save time and energy and cut holes everywhere. There are 3 lights one high and aimed down like sunlight one inside the box behind a piece of vellum (carefull paper=hot) and the on camera flash. I set a manual white balance to the inside of the box and f11 this way I can blur what I want in post. The notecards where held by me to reflect light where I wanted it or block. Some of the sauces and plates were white so I took multiple exposures one for the food and one for the sauce and one for the background. At the bottom of the box I placed the Crecent board and decorated with other food plates. We did not have a food artist so the owner set up the plates and I added some touches to create the plate you see at the beggining of the blog.

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