Hang or Mail

A year and a half ago me and my son had an art show together, he was even featured in the local paper.

Basic but bright colors are chosen by the young artist and each brush stroke seems to flow with such precision yet playfulness. Each painting is an abstract representation of things a child loves, from sharks, bugs and even his family. If you ask him he can tell you what each painting is Niko describes his art as cool and influenced by F.L.Wright, his parents and Elmo from Sesame Street.  He has sold some art to save for college for his ever changing choices in a profession. He wants to be as he says a teacher, a Jedi and if that doesn’t work out maybe a doctor.

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I mention the show not only to brag about my son but because cleaning my closet I found some of the show versions. My art matted on acid free mat board and sometimes framed into black wood frames with digital signatures. I do digital signatures printed right on the work incase a place looses or ruins my work. These show pieces I sell at a much lowered price so please consider, also Notecards with my work on the front and mailing envelope for two dollars plus shipping. I am considering selling the cards in a 5pack for eight dollars. Visit my flickr page for more of my Note/Post cards.

Done at 5yo

Any art of my son that sells will go to his college fund, please ask to seee more if interested.

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